Municipal Court

Crestone Municipal Court Agenda

August 19, 2022

3:00 pm

Via Zoom

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Docket #2020-05 H. Triplett

Status hearing on penalties

Docket #2021-04 L. Koehler

Crestone Code 12-4-90 (b) (2) Dog off leash, running at large; 13-2-40 (a) Interference with public official by threats seizing and breaking official’s phone; 13-2-40 (b) Interference with public official by threats-blocking official’s movements

Docket #2022-01 -B. Mirelez

 Crestone Code15-10-120 (2) Overnight vehicle parking in commercial district

Docket #2022-02- A. Strehli

Crestone Code 12-4-10 Dog running at large

Docket #2022-03-T. Shplettit

Crestone Code 12-1-130 (Sections 1,4,5) Animal creating nuisance; 13-12-60 (a) Dangerous dog

Docket #2022-04- J. Herman

Crestone Code 12-1-210 Overnight parking