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Crestone Cemetery

Information about the Crestone Cemetery can be found in this document:

Cemetery Info Packet 2022

A map of available plots can be found on page ten of the document, and a fee schedule can be found on page nine. Please note the following:

  • Plots highlighted in green on the plot map are not available
  • Colorado state statute (CRS 25-2-111) requires that you furnish a copy of an Authorization for Final Disposition to Town Hall prior to any burial of human remains taking place. These are usually issued either by the county coroner or the funeral home. It is illegal to perform a burial without this document
  • Burials cannot take place without the permission of Crestone's town administration
  • When you "purchase a plot," what you are really purchasing are interment rights on that plot of land, and not the plot of land itself, which is owned by the Town of Crestone. Interment rights can only be purchased during Town Hall business hours, namely, Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am-2:00 pm

Cielo Azul Pet Cemetery

Information about the Cielo Azul Pet Cemetery can be found in this document:

Cielo Azul Pet Cemetery Agreement

Maps of available plots can be found on pages three and four of the document above, and a fee schedule can be found on page two. Please note that plots covered with solid black boxes on the map are not available. Please also note that burial of pet remains does not require an Authorization for Final Disposition, but pet grave plots can still only be purchased during Town Hall's business hours, and permission must be obtained from town administration before any burial takes place.