Crestone Community Center Update

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On June 1, stakeholders and community members got their first peek at the various options for a community center on the vacant land due west of the Charter School. This land is owned by the Town (Tract 1) and the Charter School (vacant land west of Tract 1). The stakeholders have committed to fund a proportionate share of a grant. They are the landowners—the Charter School, the Town of Crestone, and the Northern Saguache Library District. The Baca Grande POA has been invited to discussions. The stakeholders initially identified a list of uses shown in the matrix. The State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs helped to fund services from the University of Colorado to develop various options for how to incorporate those uses within structures at various site locations. 

You can view those options here: Crestone Community Center-Community Presentation

These options are only the first step. Assuming the stakeholders identify a best option by the end of the summer, cost estimates will be completed and funding sources will be identified. Utility and site engineering studies will be needed. Once the final design is in place, then ground can be broken. We do not expect construction can begin sooner than 5 to 10 years out.

The UC team will hold separate community and youth meetings at the Charter School on the week of June 27th. The Town will post the details on its Facebook page and website as soon as they are firmed up. We apologize for the short notice of the meeting on June 1. We were unable to have the key stakeholders present on any other day. We’ll do better in the future.