The Crestone Cemetery is the first cemetery in the history of Colorado to be certified by the Green Burial Council to offer natural--or "green"--burials. For more information on the cemetery's history, please click here.

The cemetery gates are kept latched but not locked, and visitors are welcome. To get to the cemetery, drive west on Galena Ave. for a quarter mile past the town limit. The road turns right for a quarter mile, and the entry gates are next to the flagpole.

As of September 2018, the Cielo Azul Pet Cemetery is officially open as part of the Crestone Cemetery. Under the direction of Denise Peine and numerous volunteers, what was once a scraggly cactus patch is now a beautiful pet cemetery. It can be accessed by turning left at the main cemetery gates and driving a couple hundred feet down the dirt lane.

For more information or to inquire about purchasing interment rights in our cemetery, please see this page or contact Town Hall.