Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets regularly on the first Monday of every month at 5:00 pm in the Alder Meeting Room (111 S. Alder St., located on the east side of Town Hall). Agendas for Planning Commission meetings are posted publicly in locked bulletin boards at three locations: outside the front door to Town Hall, outside the Alder Meeting Room, and inside the Post Office lobby. Electronic copies of minutes and agendas can be found online here. Meeting dates and times are also displayed on the events calendar, and can also be found on the Crestone Eagle's online calendar. Contact information for Town Hall can be found here.

The current commissioners are:

Armando Mendez-Sanchez, Chair

Benjamin Byer, Commissioner

Kairina Danforth, Commissioner

Ginny Ducale, Commissioner

Roy Gould, Commissioner

Any property owner interested in opening a short-term rental or B&B in any residential zone must apply for a Conditional Use Permit, and if approved, must pay an annual short-term rental fee of $150.00. A business license is also required. Please contact Town Hall with any questions about land use and permits.

A copy of the town's zoning regulations can be found here. A map detailing the various zones in town can be found here.

An interactive parcel map for Saguache County can be found here.