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Active Grants for the Town of Crestone

DOLA - EIAF - Crestone Town Hall Foundation & Structural Stabilization

A grant awarded to allow for improvements and repairs to the Crestone Town Hall, which was built in 1869.

Work includes repairs and remodeling involving the Board meeting room, the basement, and the upstairs apartment.

Board meeting room: removal of a supporting column, reinforcing the existing floor, insulating the ceiling, placing new floor joists, installing new portal frame for second floor support, construction of a dais, glass replacement in windows, and repairs to other damage caused by settling.

Basement: installing a groundwater interceptor drain and adding basement insulation.

Upstairs apartment: leveling the floor, repairs to the windows, and wall treatments.

DOLA - CDBGPF - Wastewater System

A grant awarded to complete the final design and engineering of the wastewater improvement project, which will allow the completion of the requisite Environmental Assessment for the Town of Crestone.

Work includes: analysis of the existing wastewater distribution system, completion of engineering and design for the construction-ready drawings and plans, and any additional surveying or assessment required to complete the Environmental Assessment.

DOLA - Rural Economic Development Initiative - New and Emerging Entrepreneur Program

The Town of Crestone is looking for local entrepreneurs to support through a Rural Economic Development Initiative grant – the New and Emerging Entrepreneur Program.  We are seeking self-starters who have a business idea in mind, at any stage of development, and who need guidance bringing those plans to life.

During the process, you will be set up with a panel of local business owners who will mentor you, from evaluating your business plan, to identifying your business’ needs, to enacting those plans to aid you in the process of getting your business up and running.  While you will not receive any funds directly, the program will offer aid though mentorship while helping to source services related to starting your business.  Examples include, but are not limited to: assisting in the planning phases, putting together a website, covering marketing expenses, search engine optimization, and helping you identify and engage with your desired customer base. 

We will be accepting applications until Thursday, March 30, 2023.

For more information, please contact Town Hall or send the application included below to Scott Ehresman:

   New and Emerging Entrepreneur Program Application

DOLA - EIAF - Wastewater Testing & Meter Install

A grant awarded to allow the purchase and installation of a continuous flow meter, a Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) meter, FlowLink software, and repairs to an existing infiltration point located by North Crestone Creek for the wastewater system of the Town of Crestone.


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